Stepper Motor Cable

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Length: 50cm
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These cables suit the NEMA 17 stepper motors we carry in the shop, and also suit many other NEMA 11/16/17/23 steppers on the market. If you need an extra-long cable to wire up your extruder, or a really short cable to keep your wiring neat and tidy, we've got you covered!

One end features a JST-PH 6P connector, suitable for our motors, and quite a few others out there too. The other end has a DuPont 4P connector,  which suits RAMPS, RUMBA+, and most other pluggable control boards - or you can cut the end off, and use it with any board with screw terminals.

We have these cables wired in what we've found to be the most common configuration, suitable for our motors and many others - but if you have motors with a different pinout, it's possible to swap the pin order in the DuPont connector without too much trouble.

We also offer these cables with optional PET braided sleeving, which keeps the wires neatly bundled up, tangle-free, and makes for a beautifully tidy build. They are a little bulkier than the unsleeved cables, though - so we won't go so far as to say they're perfect for every build (but they are pretty great!).

We found we needed cables a little longer than standard to make the extruder wiring in our Mark2 printers comfortable - so we had a batch of 100cm cables made up. Then we wanted shorter cables elsewhere to keep things tidier, and then we wanted sleeved cables, and then- you get the idea. If you're in a similar situation, hopefully we can save you the back-and-forth!


  • Length: 50-150cm
  • Connectors: DuPont 4P to JST-PH 6P
  • Wire Colours: Red, Yellow, Grey, Green

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