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If you're looking for something to step up from an entry-level set of RAMPS electronics, then look no further!

RUMBA+ is a premium printer control board by Aus3D. It is a high-quality 8-bit control board designed for maximum reliability.

RUMBA control boards have long been a popular option - they're the ideal upgrade, combining the functionality of an Arduino Mega, RAMPS board, fan expansion, LCD adaptor and more all into the one compact form factor. Unlike some control boards that incorporate the easily-damaged stepper drivers into the main board, RUMBA still features replaceable stepper driver modules - so damaged modules can be easily and cheaply replaced, or upgraded with better options as they become available.

RUMBA supports up to six stepper drivers, which means triple-extruder or dual-Z dual-extruder builds are doable. Six MOSFET-driven outputs provide plenty of room for a heated bed, three hotends, and two independent fans - or any combination you'd like. Three of the outputs can be switched between the raw input voltage and a regulated 12V output, so 12V fans or heaters can be used with 24V power supplies.

RUMBA control boards are great, but we thought there were a few ways they could be better. We scoured the internet looking for every complaint, grievance, minor annoyance and critique we could find about RUMBA boards, and took this feedback on board to design our new RUMBA+ boards! RUMBA was a good design to begin with but we wanted a real workhorse, something that is solid and dependable. We do a lot of printing, and we designed RUMBA+ to be a control board for our needs - something that, once set up, just works. 

Full documentation on our Wiki (check for more detailed resources and info)
Source files are available on GitHub (RUMBA+ is open-source hardware)
RUMBA+ announcement blog-post
RUMBA+ v1.4 update blog-post
RUMBA+ version change-log
    • Input Voltage (Recommended): 12-24V
    • Input Voltage (Limits): 6-35V
    • Stepper Drivers: 6 (Socketed StepStick)
    • MOSFET Outputs: 6
    • Maximum Bed Current: 20A
    • Maximum Heater Current: 5A
    • Thermistor Connections: 5
    • Endstop Connections: 6

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