PC4-M5 Bowden Push-Fit Adaptor (1.75mm)

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These push to fit adaptors (also known as a one touch pneumatic couplers) are the easiest way to attach PTFE (or Teflon) tubing to your extruder or hotend.

The PTFE tubing simply pushes into the blue fitting – and it holds tight no matter what. The tubing cannot be removed by either pulling or pushing, which means it will stay attached during printer operation.

To remove the tubing, push the blue fitting towards the rest of the adaptor, and the tubing will simply pull out easily.

This is a great way to securely hold your tubing in place without having to permanently glue it!

These adaptors fit the 4mm OD 2mm ID tubing we have listed in our store - which is perfect for 1.75mm filament.


  • Inner (PTFE) Diameter: 4mm
  • Thread: M5

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