MightyFan - RAMPS Fan Expansion Board

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MightyFan is TinyFan's bigger brother. It does the same job - it lets you add extra controlled fans to your RAMPS printer controller, but MightyFan has four fan outputs instead of two - plus an extra auxiliary output for an always-on fan.

MightyFan has four controlled fan outputs – each with an indicator LED and flyback diode for protection when using larger fans. MightyFan can also be used to control LEDs, or even heating elements – we've used MightyFan to power a HotEnd cartridge! Check the specifications for recommended power ratings.

MightyFan plugs directly into the ‘Servos’ header on RAMPS, and any attached fans are controlled by pins D11, D6, D5 and D4. Most printer firmware supports using these pins to control fans – we've got details on modifying Marlin below.

Running a 24V printer? MightyFan can handle it, just make sure your fans can! MightyFan will run on an input from 5V-25V, and because it’s fully PWM-controllable, you can always run your attached fans at any voltage lower than the input – so you can use 12V fans with a 24V supply! Just make sure you limit the PWM value to 50% in firmware, and your fans will run happily!


  • 4 PWM Controllable Channels (D11, D6, D5 and D4 on RAMPS)
  • Vin: 5-25V
  • Max. Current: 3.5A / channel
  • Flyback diode on each channel
  • Indicator LED for each channel
  • Dimensions: 26x18mm

For more details, including source files and a guide to getting MightyFan up and running, check the Aus3D Wiki.

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