GT2 Timing Belt

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Material: Rubber (Fibreglass Reinforced)
Width: 6mm
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GT2 belts are commonly used on 3D printers for their accuracy and reliability. The GT2 belt profile is specifically designed to minimise backlash, which is a necessary feature in most 3D printers and CNC machines - where the direction of travel changes frequently, and where any positional error must be minimised.

We carry GT2 belt in two different widths:

  • 6mm is the most common width of GT2 belt used in 3D printers. Most pulleys are designed to work with 6mm wide belt.
  • 10mm wide belt is less common. However, it has advantages if you're trying to build a particularly sturdy machine. 10mm wide GT2 belt is more common in CNC machine builds, where machines are typically larger and there is more force to contend with on the moving axes.

We carry GT2 belt made of two different materials:

  • Rubber (Fibreglass Reinforced): The 'standard' GT2 belt we carry is made from rubber and is reinforced with fibreglass strands that run through the belt. This results in a belt that is flexible, but still quite resistant to stretching. This is the most common type of GT2 belt used in 3D printers. We sell this belt coloured black.
  • Polyurethane (Steel Reinforced): We also carry belt manufactured from polyurethane and reinforced with steel strands. This belt is slightly thicker, and not quite as flexible, but it is significantly more resistant to stretching and works better in situations where the belt is very tightly tensioned. We sell this belt coloured white.


  • Standard: GT2
  • Tooth Pitch: 2mm

Note: Product is sold in 1m lengths. Order multiple quantities for larger lengths - e.g. 5 pieces for 5m of belt.

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