E3D Nozzle Fun Pack

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Size: 1.75mm
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A full collection of E3D-V6 Ecosystem nozzles, set in a soft foam cushion for protection. Print all the things in all the resolutions!

We've included the full range of nozzles for those who want to explore the limits of high-resolution printing with small nozzles, as well high-speed high layer height printing with large nozzles. We've even included our purpose-made E3D Nozzle spanner to make changing out the nozzles a breeze!

These E3D V6 nozzles have an M6 thread and are compatible with the full V6 ecosystem and many other 3D printers, including the Prusa i3 Mk2.


Brass Nozzles
• 0.25mm
• 0.30mm
• 0.35mm
• 0.50mm
• 0.60mm
• 0.80mm
• E3D Nozzle Spanner

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