E3D-Lite6 HotEnd

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Type: Direct
Voltage: 12V
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Looking for a low-cost reliable HotEnd? The Lite6 is E3D's entry-level HotEnd, perfect for new users printing filaments such as PLA and ABS. Some users prefer Lite6 for solely-PLA printing.

Easy to use

Think of Lite6 as V6's little brother: it’s a lower-cost HotEnd with a more modest specification, but still a great option for beginners and those on a budget. Despite being an entry-level HotEnd, it maintains the great extrusion control that you would expect from an E3D product.

Great for Everyday Materials

The use of a PTFE liner creates a temperature limit of 240°C, so it’s not the HotEnd of choice for printing higher-performance engineering plastics like Nylon, Polycarbonate or Ultem (for those, go for the V6, Hemera or any of our all-metal Hot-Ends.. Lite6 has a slightly shorter effective melt-zone than V6, which does mean that print speeds are more modest, but still completely appropriate for all but the very fastest 3D printers on the market. If you do need to get more speed from your machine then you can, of course, upgrade to either Volcano or full V6 with ease.


The stainless steel body of Lite6 makes it incredibly robust and tolerant of accidents that new users inevitably encounter. If you accidentally crash your Lite6 into a print there is effectively zero chance of it breaking.

The stainless steel parts are incredibly thermally sound and essentially impossible to damage with the supplied heater. This means that in the event of cooking your PTFE liner you can quickly and easily swap it out for a new one and return your Lite6 to full functionality.


We’ve re-used as many parts from V6 and the rest of the E3D ecosystem as possible. The beautiful polycarbonate fan duct, the proven 30mm ball-bearing cooling fan. Most importantly we’re using the same highly optimised nozzles and heater blocks to deliver great performance in the most important areas of Lite6.

Key Features

Stainless steel heatsink
Maximum printing temperature: 240ºC
Integrated Heatbreak
PTFE lined


1 x Lite6 1.75 mm HeatSink
1 x V6 Brass 1.75 mm 0.4 mm nozzle
1 x PTFE tube 100 mm or 800 mm
1 x Thermistor cartridge
1 x Thermistor extension cable
1 x 30w heater cartridge 12V or 24V
1 x V6 aluminium HeaterBlock
1 x Red fan duct
1 x 30 x 30 x 10 mm 12V or 24V fan

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