NEMA 17 34N-cm - E3D Compact Stepper Motor

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A NEMA-17 34N-cm stepper motor with D-shaft and a 100cm long cable. 

These compact but powerful NEMA17 Stepper Motors are great for use with your Titan extruder - particularly if you're after maximum torque for Bowden or Volcano setups. 

This motor is lighter and shorter than a typical NEMA17 motor, however, it produces almost as much torque. It is suitable for driving geared or direct extruders and is used on our Titan extruder. It is also suitable for printer axes, provided they are light-duty, eg: a dual leadscrew Z axis that uses 2 motors. They arrive supplied with a pluggable cable 1000mm in length. 

Unlike our other stepper motors, these feature a 0.9° step angle - combined with the 3:1 gearing of a Titan Extruder, this makes it possible to get extremely precise extrusion control - perfect for super-fine nozzles and high-resolution prints.

This motor weighs 263g on its own and 291g with the supplied cable.

Holding Torque: 34N-cm / 48.6oz-in
Shaft Length: 25mm
Rated Voltage: 2.8V
Rated Current: 1.68 A/phase
Step Angle: 0.9°
Depth: 40mm
Mass: 263g
Cable Length: 100cm
Cable Connector: 4pin Dupont (RAMPS Compatible)

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