Multirotor Power Distribution Board

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These boards are designed to be used in multi-rotor aircraft - to distribute power from a LiPo battery all over. These boards are rated to handle up to 80A total current - pretty hefty stuff!

We think these boards would be useful in a variety of projects - they're easy to mount in place, and have large, easy to solder to pads. Great for any high-power project!

Update: As of August 2015, we are now shipping an updated version of this board. The improved version adds space for a TO-220 voltage regulator, and also has 4 sets of pads to access power (2 from the battery and 2 from the regulator). Note that no regulator is included - an LM7805 or similar regulator would fit nicely.


  • Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm
  • Hole Spacing: 45mm Square and 35mm Square M3
  • Weight: ~7g
  • Max. Current: 80A (total)

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