Metal V-Wheel

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These metal wheels are tough stuff! We do not recommend using them directly on our aluminium extrusion, as these wheels will wear the extrusion out over time. Instead, these wheels should be paired with a steel V-Groove rail, many styles of which can be installed onto our extrusion - we don't yet carry any of this rail yet.

These are the strongest wheels we have, but they're not for the faint of heart. You'll want to find a source of suitable V-rail before giving these a go, but once set up these make for a very, very mechanically solid system. Due to the metal-on-metal action, these are louder in use than our other wheels!

Note: These are the same shape and profile as our Delrin V-Wheels.

Each and every wheel we sell is carefully and consistently milled to achieve a high degree of precision and tolerance!

This is a single wheel, and will also require two bearings (625-2RS), two shims (10x5x1), and various other parts to be used in most builds. Save yourself some time and money with our full kits!


  • Material: Aluminium 6105-T5
  • Outer Diameter: 23.9mm
  • Inner Diameter: 16.0mm
  • Width: 10.2mm

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