Capricorn XS Heat Break Liner (1.75mm)

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The PTFE heat-break liner you've been looking for!

This 2.0mm (inner) by 3.0mm (outer) tubing is made from the same high-performance material as Capricorn's XS-Series premium bowden tubing, but sized perfectly for use in a heat-break.

A PTFE heat-break liner was one of the most frequently requested Capricorn products - now it's a reality!

An average heat-break requires 30mm of tubing or less. We are shipping 30cm for each item ordered, enough to make ten heat-breaks.

Key Features

  • Inner/Outer diameter: 2.0mm/3.0mm
  • Highly consistent - perfectly round
  • Treated with a unique friction-reducing additive
  • Capricorn™ XS branded quality
  • Perfect for softer and more flexible filaments

Note: Item is sold as a single 30cm length. This should be enough to make multiple heat-breaks. Order a larger quantity if a longer length is required.

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