Stepstick - Stepper Motor Driver (A4988)

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These stepper drivers are built around Allegro's A4988 stepper driver IC. This is one of the most common and widespread stepper driver IC's used in 3D printer electronics and is commonly selected because of its balance of performance, cost, and reliability.

These drivers are made in the Pololu-style 'stepstick' footprint. They are compatible with any control board that accepts this footprint, including RAMPS and RUMBA+. They come with the headers already soldered in place, and also come complete with a small heatsink, with adhesive already attached. Perfect!

Please note: We are currently shipping red A4988 stepper drivers.


  • Operating Voltage Range: 8-35V
  • Logic Voltage Range: 3-5.5V
  • Continuous Current per Phase: 1A1
  • Maximum Current per Phase: 2A2
  • Microstep Resolutions: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16

1without a heatsink or forced air flow
2with sufficient additional cooling

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