GT2 Pulley - 20 Teeth, 5mm Bore, Compact

GT2 Pulley - 20 Teeth, 5mm Bore, Compact

These high quality aluminium GT2 pulleys fit a 5mm shaft, making them ideal for use with NEMA-17 stepper motors or M5 mounting hardware. They will work with any standard GT2 belt up to 7mm in width, and feature a 16-tooth profile.

What's particularly clever about these pulleys is that they're 'hub-less' - the grub screw is set within the toothed section of the pulley, installing under the belt, removing the need for the usual hub section. This makes the pulley much thinner, allowing much more flexible installation and placement.

These pulleys include an M3 grub screw for a strong grip, and come with a matching allen key.


  • Teeth No.: 20
  • Tooth Pitch: 2mm (GT2)
  • Bore Diameter: 5mm
  • Flange: Double
  • Tooth Width: 7mm
  • M3 Grub Screw included
Height 9mm
Outer Diameter 15mm
Belt Profile GT2
Bore 5mm
Flange Width 7mm
Tooth-Count 20

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