Aus3D Prusa Mendel i3 Kit

Out Of Stock Aus3D Prusa Mendel i3 Kit

Exciting news! This product has been replaced with our new and improved Mark2 3D Printer kits - you can check them out here.

This is our latest 3D Printer kit based off the popular Prusa Mendel i3 design.

Unlike other printers based off the i3 design, our printer comes with a unique acrylic frame, designed to increase sturdyness and reduce unwanted vibrations - meaning better, cleaner prints. It also gives the printer a more professional, finished look - something a step above a regular wood-cut i3.

Our printer features a direct-drive extruder, doing away with the mechanically complex geared extruders for a simpler, more reliable setup. No plastic gears here, this system uses a machined metal filament gear. This also means that the extruder weighs less than many other i3 designs, allowing the print head to move faster.

Instead of using typical threaded rod on the z-axis as is common in i3 printers, we have decided to use Acme lead screws and captive brass nuts. These components are specifically designed for linear motion, and offer higher accuracy, lower noise and faster motion than regular threaded rod.

Fibreglass reinforced GT2 belt is used on both the X and Y axis, resulting in smooth, reliable motion.

A filament holder is incorporated into the frame, saving space and making for a more compact build - this also reduces the likelihood of filament tangling on the way into the extruder.

UPGRADE: As of 1/1/2015, we are now shipping these kits with an upgraded MK3 Aluminium Heatbed. This makes for a flatter print surface, and more even temperatures - making warping a thing of the past!


  • Quality Laser Cut Acrylic Frame
  • 180x180x160mm Build Area (X*Y*Z)
  • 0.1-0.4mm Layer Thickness
  • 0.012mm XY Positional Accuracy
  • 0.004mm Z Positional Accuracy
  • PLA / ABS Filament (1.75mm)
  • Max. Nozzle Temp.: 250°C
  • Nozzle Type: 0.4mm Mk8 RepRap Nozzle (M6 Thread)
  • Max. Bed Temp.: 110°C
  • Bed Type: MK3 PCB
  • Electronics: Melzi Control Board
  • Power Supply: 12V 20A (240W)
  • Machine Dimensions: 320x400x400mm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 500*500*400mm

As of 2/3/2015, all relevant documentation (in addition to firmware and drivers) can be found on our GitHub repository.

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