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E3D HotEnds
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E3D Titan Aero

Titan Aero Titan Aero integrates the Titan extruder and V6 HotEnd into one neat little package. A..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $181.77

E3D-V6 HotEnd

We are now carrying E3D's latest and greatest 3D printer HotEnd - the E3D-V6! Upgraded with the new ..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $109.05

E3D-Lite6 HotEnd Kit

Looking for top performance at an affordable price? Check out E3D's latest offering! We know th..

$64.95 Ex Tax: $59.05

E3D Dual Extrusion+

Sleeker, more moddable, and easier to use than ever: we've upgraded the Cyclops and Chimera for usab..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $181.77

E3D Hemera

E3D Hemera - formerly Hermes - is the best extrusion system we’ve ever made. It combines our market-..

$199.95 Ex Tax: $181.77