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Sleeved Sensor Cable - 100cm

Sleeved Sensor Cable - 100cm

These cables suit our IR Z probes, and our magnetic encoder modules.

Unlike the default cables that come with those products, these are sleeved in a quality PET braided mesh, which keeps all the wires together - so instead of a big tangle of wires, you end up with one clean cable. Perfect for neat and tidy printer builds

Like our un-sleeved cables, these feature a DuPont 4P connector on one end (for RAMPS or similar control boards) and a JST-SH 4P connector on the other.

These cables are roughly 100cm long, the same as the un-sleeved cable.


  • Length: 100cm
  • Connectors: DuPont 4P to JST-SH 4P
  • Wire Colours: Red, Black, Green, Yellow
  • Sleeving: Black PET Expandable Braided Mesh

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