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Nut block for 8mm Acme Lead Screw

Nut block for 8mm Acme Lead Screw

These nut blocks are one of the easiest ways to integrate a lead screw driven axis into your build!

On one side they have recesses for our M5 low profile screws, and on the other recesses for M5 hex locknuts - this allows these blocks to be fairly flexible in how they're used. Using 15mm screws and tee nuts you can mount the block directly to a length of extrusion, or, if you swap the tee-nuts for hex locknuts, you can mount the block directly to a carriage plate - like our universal plates. See the included drawings for more details!

These are our 'standard' 8mm nut blocks - they do a good job, comparable to the standard carriage nuts that come with our leadscrews - but we also carry an improved version with anti-backlash properties. If you're building a machine where you need high repeatability/precision and are expecting a fair bit of back-and-forth motion, we'd recommend the anti-backlash nuts. 


  • Delrin
  • Suits leadscrew with 2 starts, 2mm pitch, 8mm lead.
  • 20mm between mounting holes
  • See included drawing for all dimensions

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