Note: We are now shipping the new and improved v1.4 RUMBA+ boards! We have a detailed blog-..
Ex Tax: $136.32
These 3D Printer Z-Probes use modulated infra-red LEDs to accurately detect proximity to the print s..
Ex Tax: $36.32
MightyFan is TinyFan's bigger brother. It does the same job - it lets you add extra controlled fans ..
Ex Tax: $24.50
The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 (datasheet). It has 54 digi..
Ex Tax: $19.95
We are now carrying E3D's latest and greatest 3D printer HotEnd - the E3D-V6! Upgraded with the new ..
Ex Tax: $109.05
Your extruder system has a finite amount of pushing force. You want as much as possible of that push..
Ex Tax: $1.77
PT100s are high temperature, high-accuracy temperature sensors that you can now on your E3D-v6 HotEn..
Ex Tax: $54.50
PT100s are high temperature, high accuracy temperature sensors that you can now use on your E3D V6 H..
Ex Tax: $27.23
A NEMA-17 34N-cm stepper motor with D-shaft and a 100cm long cable. These compact but powerful ..
Ex Tax: $24.50
Ever had a spool of filament run out mid-print? If you're lucky, you knew you were going to run out ..
Ex Tax: $9.05
This high quality PTFE (or “Teflon”) tubing has an internal diameter of 2mm – making it a perfect fi..
Ex Tax: $1.95
These bearings are made of quality chrome steel, which ensures they are durable and long lasting. We..
Ex Tax: $6.95
These bearings are often used to achieve linear movement in 3D printer builds. They will move smooth..
Ex Tax: $1.77
These fans run on brushless bearings - meaning they run quietly and have a long lifespan. They are ..
Ex Tax: $5.45
E3D's latest HotEnds feature fancy detachable cables for their fans and thermistors, making wiring y..
Ex Tax: $4.50
Want to use any fan, thermistor, or heater cartridge with our tidy modular cables? Grab one of these..
Ex Tax: $2.68
This is a handy little board that takes one four-pin input and shares it between six outputs. T..
Ex Tax: $9.05
These magnetic encoder modules let you add on closed-loop control to existing 3D printers! You can r..
Ex Tax: $45.41