Sleeved Stepper Motor Cable - 100cm

Discontinued Sleeved Stepper Motor Cable - 100cm

This item is now part of our all-in-one stepper cable page, here.

These cables suit the NEMA 17 stepper motors we have in the shop, and should be suitable for most stepper motors with the JST-PH connector.

Unlike your everyday stepper motor cables, these are sleeved in a quality PET braided mesh, which keeps all the wires together - so instead of a big tangle of wires, you end up with one clean cable. Perfect for neat and tidy printer builds

Like our un-sleeved cables, these feature a DuPont 4P connector on one end (for RAMPS or similar control boards) and a JST-PH 6P connector on the other - suitable for our motors, and quite a few others out there too.

These cables are 100cm long, which we've found to be long enough for most printer builds. We also carry shorter 70cm long sleeved cables, to help keep excess wiring to a minimum - check the related items.


  • Length: 100cm
  • Connectors: DuPont 4P to JST-PH 6P
  • Wire Colours: Red, Yellow, Grey, Green
  • Sleeving: Black PET Expandable Braided Mesh

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  • Brand: Aus3D
  • Product Code: STEPPER-CABLE-100-SLV
  • Availability: Discontinued
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