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50mm 5V Blower Fan

50mm 5V Blower Fan

This centrifugal fan (also known as a blower or squirrel cage fan) pushes a large amount of air in a highly directed fashion. This means it’s great for cooling small or tricky to reach objects – such as the upper part of your 3D printer’s hotend. These fans are also very quiet – they suffer from little to no vibration, and they run near silently when mounted firmly in place. The fan motor is brushless, ensuring a long operational lifespan.

These fans run on 5V and should draw less then 300mA under regular conditions. The attached cable is ~30cm in length and is terminated in a 2-pin JST connector. They are great for keeping the upper section of your hotend cool – this helps prevent thermal creep, which can often be a problem during longer prints. Long story short, one of these fans will make it much easier to achieve long, reliable prints. These fans also work great for ducted designs – they push air at a much higher pressure when compared to a regular bladed fan, meaning you can ‘pump’ air around with them. Because these fans run on 5V, there are a number of ways to power them on your 3D printer. If you’re using a standard RAMPS board, you can run them off of any of the auxiliary power pins – check the images for a diagram!

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