2.1mm DC Extension Lead - 50cm

2.1mm DC Extension Lead - 50cm

This product is a 3-in-1 cable. By itself, it can act as an extension cord for any 5.5/2.1mm DC power cable. 

You can also cut it half to make two barrel cables (one plug and one jack). This will allow you to connect a classic 'wall wart' to a breadboard or PCB without having to solder in a bulky power jack. Or you can use the plug half to connect some batteries to something with a 2.1mm jack.

The cable measures 50cm in length, and should connect to any device with a 2.1mm socket (Arduino Uno, Mega, etc.)


  • Barrel Jack:
    • 5.5mm Outer Diameter
    • 2.1mm Inner Diameter
    • 9.5mm Length
  • Cable Length: 50cm

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